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At Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc. it is how you finish that counts.  I work mainly in HO scale, O, and S scales—including narrow gauges. This is a full-time professional business.  When your models arrive here they are immediately unpacked, inspected, and photographed. You will receive immediate confirmation including digital images showing your box and your models in my studio. My business process is consistent.

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This video demonstrates the collaboration and capability between my studio and ELS Train Service to create lovely finished models for our clients.  I performed the paint, weathering, and had custom decals made for two very rare PFM Climax Locomotives.  Dennis Bartholow installed DCC, added a double speaker sound system, and lights. We can handle any job including straight 12vdc, DCC, and PFM sound.

To get your models into my pipeline for 2020 (yes, I am booked solid until that time) all that I require today is an Advance Reservation deposit (AR).  HO brass steam locomotive ARs are $250/$350/$500 depending on the size of the model. HO brass rolling stock ARs are $100 per car.  Sets and larger scale models may be somewhat more. 

Prices shown below are typical starting points for each service.  I enjoy collaborating with clients who can source proper models in excellent condition with all of the required parts and decals. That is the fastest route to a completed model. To initiate a quote for service please call me at 630-893-5719 or use the CONTACT window below. My hours are 7:30AM to 4:30PM CST Monday thru Friday. In addition to the services shown below I am also available for project consulting and on-topic public speaking on a limited basis.

  • Painting Brass Locomotives — from $400

  • Weathering Brass Locomotives — from $150

  • Painting Rolling Stock — from $200

  • Weathering Rolling Stock — from $100

  • DCC, Lighting, Sound — from $100

  • Installing Car Interiors — $35/hr

  • Solder Repairs, Modifications — $35/hr

  • Part Sourcing and Paint Matching — $35/hr

  • Stripping Old Paint Finishes — $35/hr

Brass Model Resume

My painting resume includes work on more than 3,575 models. I am a life long model railroader, research specialist, and industrial historian who specializes in the Hill Lines and the railroads and industries of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. My true calling is collaboration with associates and clients to create positive results. I have taught custom painting to well-known brass model train importers and their builders in South Korea. This is a full time, professional occupation for me and I love what I do. Referrals are encouraged and appreciated. Thanks for visiting today. Cheers!



Brass Model Train Artist
3,575+ models serviced to date
Paint, weathering and soldering repairs

Factory Paint Design Engineer
Ajin Precision Mfg. in S. Korea
Factory Set-Up and Paint Instruction

Historical Photo Restoration
The Railroads of Duluth-Superior

Research Specialist
Overland Models, Inc.
OMI "Green Box" Expert

Independent Consultant
Brass Model Train Designer
400+ products created

Contributing Author—Railroads & Industries of Duluth-Superior



Your pictures don’t do these models justice. The lettering looks painted on. The satin finish is exactly what I was hoping for. I couldn’t be more pleased. 100% professional. The bar is now very high for anyone else. Thanks, Jeff!
— Tony H., Katy, TX.
Jeff, I just received my passenger cars and I can say without a doubt, they are the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen. You put “Factory Paint” to shame. Thanks for the fantastic work.
— Tim F., Jamul, CA.
This is one serious class act. I take picky to a whole new level. Jeff took a few monster caboose models and turned them into works of art. Easily on par with the best painters for PSC, OMI or CIL. Decals were so well done they look like the lettering was printed on the model. Highly recommended.
— Steve B., Walnut Creek, CA.
Well, I have to admit that I finally found someone who does better weathering than I do. The models are absolutely superb! The models look exactly the way the prototype looked. You nailed it right on the head. Congratulations from the person who is probably the most particular customer you will ever have. Thanks a million!
— Bill McKown, W&R Enterprises
Awesome! Beautiful work! I’d wager to say these are now the two nicest painted and weathered examples of these particular models in existence!
— Dan Glasure,


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